Rules & Regulations

Kids and Youth Run Regulations
17.03.2018 r.

1. The organizer of the Kids and Youth Run is the company SE Group sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Warsaw,  ul. Czapli 31a (street), 02-781 Warszawa (postal code).
2. The event is held in cooperation with Gdynia Sport Centre (Gdyńskie Centrum Sportu).

1. Promotion of running as the simplest recreational activity.
2. Promotion of Gdynia in Poland and abroad.
3. Promotion of physical activity among residents of Gdynia and the surrounding area.
4. Fostering development of civic society based on the idea of volunteering.

1. The  race will take place on 17 March 2018 in Gdynia. 
12:00 kids born 2013 - 2015 – appx. 250m
12:15 kids born 2010 -  2012 – appx. 250m
12:30 kids born 2007 -  2009 – appx. 500m
12:45 kids born 2005 - 2006 – appx. 1250 m
13:00 kids born 2003 - 2004 – appx. 1250 m
13:15 kids born 2000* -2002 – appx. 2000 m
* Only children born after 18.03.2000 (minors) are eligible for the run.  
2. The detailed route will be available on the website in the tab 'Kids and Youth Run'. 

1. Anyone who is aged between 3 and 17 may take part in the Kids and youth run. The year of birth determinates allocation to the individual age groups. For people born in 2000, only those who are under 18 at the date of the run will be allowed to participate. 
2. Every participant of the Run must be verified at the Race Office. 
3. The condition for admission to the Run is the parent's/ guardian's signature on the statement form available in the Race Office. It is possible to present a collective statement by the school or sports club. 
4. It is the parents/ legal guardians who are legally responsible for the participants taking part in the Run. The submission to the Organizer of a duly completed application form and fee payment means that the parent/ legal guardian has considered and evaluated the nature, scope and the extent of the Run participation risks, including the risk of accidents, the risk of physical injuries and bodily harm (including death) as well as pecuniary damages and voluntarily decided to take that risk. 
5. The Race Office will be opened on March, 16th from 15:00-21:00 in Gdynia Arena and on 17 March 2018 from 10:00 to 13:00 at Kościuszki Square.
6. All participants of the Run are required to comply with the instructions of those responsible for security, maintenance and support services acting on behalf of the Organizer.
7. The decisions taken by the medical care staff regarding the pursuit of the race are final and irrevocable.
8. Participation in the Kids Run and the rights and responsibilities associated with it, including the rights to claim the prize can not be transferred to any other person.  The organizer reserves the right to disqualify any participant at any stage in case of breach of Regulations.
9. The costs of the entry fee, accommodation, commuting and catering, are covered by the Participants.
10. The Organizer provides participants with accident insurance for the amount of PLN 10,000.

1. On-line applications  will be accepted until 11 March 2018 through the application form available on the website: After this date, if the limit of places allows it, the application will only be available at The Race Office on 17 March 2018. The opening date for registration will be announced at a later date on
2. Application is considered valid only if a properly completed application form is delivered and the entry fee is paid.
3. The limit of participants in the Kids Run is 500 people. 
4. Registration fee depending on the date of payment is as follows:
- 29 PLN -till 11 March 2018, 
- 49 PLN - at The Race Office on 17 March 2017.
5.  The registration fee must be paid through the on-line transactional service. All data provided during payments are send through a secure encrypted site. 
6. The fee is to be paid during the registration process,  otherwise the registration will be cancelled.
7. When the registration is completed, you will get an email confirmation. Furthermore, relevant information will be available in your registration history in your personal account on
8. In order to receive the starting kit, participants should report along with the parent/ guardian or teacher, and should posses an identity document (school ID card or other) in order to verify the personal data and age.  
9. In return for the entry fee, each participant of the Run receives:
- starting number with four safety pins, 
- medal at the finish line.
10. Kits that are not collected from the The Race Office during its opening hours, are transferred to charity and will not be distributed or send at a later date.

1. Male and female winners of places I - III of each series of the run receive cups. 
2. The organizer reserves the right to conduct an additional classification and prizes.
3. In the case of absence at the awards ceremony, the prizes can be collected only at the Organizer's office in Warsaw until April 18, 2018. 

1. Complaints on matters relating to the Kids and Youth Run, should be submitted to the Organiser in writing accompanied by due justification to the Organiser's address:  SE Group sp. z o.o., ul. Czapli 31A, 02-781 Warszawa, marked „Kids Run - complaint”, within 7 (seven) days of the Run date, in person or by registered mail (deadline verified by the date of the postal stamp). 
2. Any complaints sent after the deadline mentioned in subsection 1 of this article will not be processed. 
3. The Organiser will process the complaints concerning the Kids Run within 30 (thirty) days of their receipt.
4. The decision of the Organiser with respect to the complaints concerning Kids Run shall be final. 

1. Pursuant to the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws  2016  item 922 as amended) we hereby inform that the data controller of the Kids Run participants personal data is SE Group sp. z o.o., ul. Zimowa 31a/28, 05-515 Nowa Iwiczna. 
2. The personal data of the participants of the Kids Run will be processed for the purpose of organizing and conducting the run, selecting the winner and awarding, collection and settling of the awards and other activities related to the business activity of the Organiser and shall not be shared with other entities. 
3. The participant has the right to access their data and correct them. Providing personal data and consent to their processing is voluntary, but necessary to achieve the above mentioned objectives. Failure to provide data or lack of consent to the processing, makes it impossible to participate in the Run.
Please be advised that the consent given may be revoked at any time.
4. The personal data of participants of the Run will be used in accordance with the conditions set out in the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data  (Journal of Laws  2016  item 922 as amended),  
5. Participants' data processing , in connection with their participation in the Kids and Youth Run, also includes the publication of the participant's name, year of birth, club and the place of residence - in every way in which the project will be published.
6. All information regarding the participants obtained by the organizer and included in the application form will be stored electronically and in any case will be used in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data of 29 August 1997, (Journal of Laws  2016  item 922 as amended). 
 The organizer shall not disclose this information to any third party.

1. All participants of the Kids Run are bound by the following Regulations.
2. The organizer reserves the right to carry out interviews with participants and to photograph and record participants for marketing and promotional purposes,  the Internet use or radio and television broadcasts as well as other commercial needs.
3. The Organiser reserves the right to use, in the whole world and for free, all or any, still or motion pictures, interviews and audio recordings showing the runners of the Race.  These materials might be used by the Organiser with the aid of CD-ROM or DVD carriers, in catalogues and in media, on internet pages, in newspapers and exhibitions, also for promotional and advertising purposes relating to the Organiser's business activity.     
4. The use of any kind of narcotic, illegal substances, drugs improving athletic performance, as well as alcoholic products in the area of the event is prohibited.  The participants are prohibited from consuming such agents and substances both before and in the course of the run. Failure to abide by this rule may result in exclusion from the event. In case the participant is found to be in breach of the aforementioned prohibition, the Organiser reserves its right not to allow him or her to take part in the race or exclude him or her during the race. 
5. Each participant of the course is required to place the starting number in the forefront of the chest, failure to abide results in disqualification.
6. The organizer provides emergency medical care along the route and at the finish of the Run.
7. The Organizer is not responsible for property lost during the event.
8. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event without giving reasons. The Run will be held regardless of weather conditions. 
9. In matters not covered by these Regulations the Organizer decides.