Rules & Regulations

Regulations of ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon and Half Marathon Relay Race

1. The Organiser of ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon is SE Group sp. z o.o. 31a/28 Zimowa street, 05-515 Nowa Iwiczna.
2. The event is held in cooperation with Gdynia Sport Centre (Gdyńskie Centrum Sportu).

1. Promotion of running as the simplest recreational activity.
2. Promotion of Gdynia in Poland and abroad.
3. Promotion of physical activity among residents of Gdynia and the surrounding area.
4. Fostering development of civic society founded on the idea of voluntary service.

1. ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon will take place on 18th March 2018 in Gdynia.
2. The race will start on al. Jana Pawła II at 10:00am and the runners are scheduled to start in waves.  
3. The runners must line up at the starting line in pre-zoned areas. Unauthorised change of zone for one that is about to set off earlier may result in disqualification. Zone change is allowed if the new zone is scheduled to start later.  
4. Runners are assigned to a concrete zone according to their race finishing time as declared in the registration form.  
5. The first Relay will set off in the 1st wave, following the sporting elite group.  
6. The Organiser does not guarantee to take into account the declared race finishing time, while assigning the runner to a concrete zone, if the runner in question paid the registration fee after 1st February 2018. 

7. The Race finish line will be set at al. Jana Pawła II, near Akwarium Gdyńskie. 
8. The Organiser retains the right to rearrange the start and finish line. 

1. The distance of the race is 21. 097 km. The course of the race has been officially recognised by the PZLA.
2. The detailed race route will be published on, website under the tab ‘Course’.
3. The course will be marked every 1 km. 
4.  As the race progresses the route will be gradually closed to road traffic (with the exception of race organiser's vehicles)  Bicycles, roller blades or skateboards or any other mechanical appliances will also be denied access.
5. Apart from the officials performing their duties, no person without a race number is authorised to enter the area of the race. Persons who find themselves in the breach of this rule may be removed by appropriate staff from the area.  
6. For security reasons it is forbidden to:
- bring to the race any objects that may pose threat or risk to other competitors;
- be dressed in a face covering outfit that would hinder identity check;
- take animals along 
7. At least three refreshment points will be set up along the race.
8. Electronic time checking points will be set up along the route of ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon. Failing to go through the control gate, stepping on a pavement, lawn or any part of the road that is outside the race route may result in disqualification.
9. The time limit for finishing the race is 3 hours. 
10. When the time limit expires, the runner is obliged to immediately leave the area of the race. He/she may reach the finish line on board the „Koniec biegu” (End of Race) bus.
11. Anybody who stays on the Race Course after the time limit has expired is doing so on his/her own responsibility and may be held accountable for breaking the Road Code as well as the Civil Code rules. 
12. Distances for relays:
- 1. leg 10km
- 2. leg 6,097km
- 3. leg 5km

1. Any individual, who is over 18 by the day of the race at the latest is free to take part in ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon. 
2. Every runner participating in ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon must undergo a check in The Race Office. Runners who have purchased „The starting kit home delivery” service will be checked while collecting their kit and subsequently need not turn up for another check at the Race Office. 
3. A runner shall be authorised to join the Race on the condition that he or she will sign the Declaration available in the Race Office. Competitors who have chosen „The starting kit home delivery” option sign the Declaration in person while collecting the kit, in the courier's presence. 
4. As for Relay Teams, the Starting Kit may be collected on behalf of the whole team by one person, only if the signed declarations of the two remaining Team members have also been delivered. The kits will not be handed out on an individual basis. 
5. Competitors take part in the race on their own responsibility. Handing in a correct, filled-in copy of the entry form and payment of the start fee is proof that the participant has assessed and paid due consideration to the nature, scope and level of risk that a participation in this race involves, including the risk of accident, physical injury or bodily harm (also death), as well as material damage and that he/she eventually decided to take the risk.  
6. The Runners will be obliged to act on all instructions issued by the road management staff, including police, traffic wardens, referees and other officials supervising the area of the race.
7. The decisions taken by the medical care staff regarding the pursuit of the race are final and irrevocable. 
8. The organiser has insured the participants against accidents to the sum insured of PLN 10.000.
9. Runners disqualified for doping and under suspension have no right to start in ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon until their suspension time is over.  
10. The cost of the starting fee, accommodation, transport and food is paid individually by each participant. 
11. Belongings left as deposit will be accepted only in sacks being part of the starting kits. The sacks containing deposits should be handed in with an appropriately placed sticker showing the runner's starting number.  

1. The registration for ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon can be effected through a registration form available at website. Pre-registration for the first 1000 starts at March 27th 2017. Second round of registration starts at October 2nd 2017. After 11th March, if the maximum number of participants has not been reached, entry declarations will be accepted only in The Race Office, on 16th and 17th March 2018. The opening date for relay registration will be announced at a later date on
2. The participation limit in ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon is 10000 people, in Half Marathon Relay Races 300 teams of 3 people. If the maximum number is reached, the Organiser retains the right to terminate the registration process. 
3. The act of registration consists of delivery of a duly filled-in registration form and payment of the starting fee, the value of which is set out in these Regulations. 
4. The starting fee is to be paid through a transaction platform, Blue Media. All data required in the process is entered on a secure encrypted website.
5. The fee is to be paid during the registration process, otherwise the registration will be cancelled. 
6. The starting fee for:

ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon, subject to the time of payment/order of registration amounts to:
PLN 69  - first 1000 starting kits (presale)
PLN 79 -  first 1500 starting kits or until 31st October 2017
PLN 89 until 30th November 2017,
PLN 99 until 28th February 2018,
PLN 109 until 8th March 2018;
PLN 159  in the Race Office;
Half Marathon Relay Races, subject to the time of payment, amounts to:
PLN 129 until 31st Dec 2017,
PLN 149 until 28th Feb 2018,
PLN 169 until 8th Mar 2018,
PLN 199 in the Race Office;
7. When the registration is completed, you will get an email confirmation. Furthermore, relevant information will be available in your registration history in your personal account on
8. Those participants who paid their starting fee and did not receive their starting number ought to produce their proof of payment while collecting the starting kit. 
9. The paid fee will not be refunded if the runner resigns, discontinues the race or withdraws his consent to processing of the personal data. It is not possible to transfer this fee to another person or another year.
10. Every participant who transfers his or her starting kit over to another person may be disqualified or have their right to participate in events organised by SE Group sp. z o.o. suspended for a period of 2 years. 
11. The Organiser carries no liability for the times of banking or postal transfers. 

1. In return for the starting fee each participant receives:
- a start number (bib) with a chip and four safety pins,
- a medal on the finish line,
- a bag for clothes (deposit),
- medical care,
- time measurement, 
- locker room with a deposit at their disposal, 
- info folder on the ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon.
2. Runners collecting their starting kit are required to have signed the Declaration, available in the Race Office, and also have had their personal identity (ID) checked.
3. It is possible to collect another person's starting kit but it requires a written authorisation and statement personally signed by the runner in question, and also a photocopy/ scan of ID (for review). 
4. The Race Office will be located in the Gdynia Arena at ul. Kazimierza Górskiego 8. The Office will be open on the following days and at the following hours:
- 16th March 2018 (Friday) from 15.00pm to 21.00pm,
- 17th March 2018 (Saturday) from 10.00am to 20.00pm. 
ATTENTION: On 18th March the Race Office will be closed.

5.  The starting kits that have not been collected either from the Race Office during office hours or through „Starting kit home delivery” service, will go to charity and will not be handed over or sent at a later time. 
6. The Pasta Party will be held on 17th March 2018 from 16.00pm to 20.00pm in the Sports and Show Hall Gdynia Arena. Pasta Party ticket is extra paid. 

1. Classifications in ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon:
 a/ general category women and men;
 b/ age classification women and men:
W 18-29 M 18-29
W 30-39 M 30-39
W 40-49 M 40-49
W 50-59 M 50-59
W 60-69 M 60-69
W 70 or older M 70 or older.
Assignment to age category is based on the year of birth;
 c/ Best Gdynia resident category, male and female;
Assignment to this category is based on registered Gdynia residence, permanent or temporary; 
d/ disabled women and men category – direct driven wheelchairs; 
2. The Organiser reserves the right to launch new categories. 
3. The results will be published on website and disclosed to the media.
4. Written objections to results ought to be sent to: email-address no later than 25th March 2018, by 3pm.
5. Written protests regarding decorated finishes in general classification should be submitted, subject to a PLN 100 deposit to the Main Referee no later than half an hour before the Prize Award Ceremony. The deposit shall be refunded in case of the positive review of the complaint. 

1. All participants finishing ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon will be given souvenir medals on the finish line. 
2. Awarding a prize is subject to finishing the race and – if an anti-doping control is carried out – its negative result. The money prize winners shall receive their transfers with an income tax deduction according to applicable rules.  
3. Those absent from the prize award ceremony will be able to collect the trophy only in the Organiser's office in Warsaw by 18th April 2018.  
4. First five  finishers in the general category women and men shall receive money prizes and cups. The value of prizes in the general ranking will be published on  website, under the tab ‘Prizes’.
5. First three finishers in men's and women's age categories shall receive souvenir trophies. 
6. First three finishers in the Best Gdynia resident category, men and women, shall be awarded souvenir trophies.
7. First three finishers in the Disabled category (direct drive wheelchairs) men and women shall be awarded souvenir trophies.
8. First three finishers in the Team Relay Races, Women, men and mix shall be awarded souvenir trophies.
9. The Organiser reserves the right to award additional prizes in freely chosen rankings.
10.  Runners having been awarded prizes in the general ranking are not eligible to receive prizes in their age category.

1. In accordance with the Article 24, item 1, of the Act of 29th August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws  2016  item 922 as amended), we want to point out that the data controller of ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon participants' personal data is SE Group sp. z o.o., ul. Zimowa 31a/28, 05-515 Nowa Iwiczna. 
2. The ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon participants' personal data shall be processed for purposes related to race preparation and organisation, winner selection, subsequently to assigning, awarding, collecting  and financial settlement of prizes and for other proceedings related to ongoing business activity and shall not be made available to other parties.    
3. Each participant has the right to access and amend his/her personal data. Providing personal data is voluntary but necessary to reach the above mentioned purposes. Failing to submit personal data or to give consent to its processing will make participation in ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon impossible. Furthermore, we emphasise that the consent given may be revoked at any time.  
4. The ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon participants' personal data shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29th August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws  2016  item 922 as amended).
5. Processing the participants' personal data, in connection with their participation in ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon involves an open release of their names and surnames, year of birth, club association together with the name of the town of his/her domicile – which may happen in any way required by the specific publication.  
6. All information regarding participants obtained by the Organiser and included in the application form shall be recorded electronically and in each case will be used in accordance with the Act of 29th August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data, (Journal of Laws  2016  item 922 as amended). The Organiser will not disclose this data to third parties.    

1. Complaints about matters relating to ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon should be lodged in writing, accompanied by due justification to the Organiser's address: SE Group sp. z o.o., ul. Czapli 31A, 02-781 Warszawa, with an added note „ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon - Complaint”,  by 25th March 2018, either in person or by registered post (deadline verified by the date of the postal stamp).
2. Complaints submitted after the deadline referred to in Item 1 of this Article will not be considered.   
3. Complaints referring to ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon will be considered within thirty days of their submission.  
4. The Organiser's decision on matters raised by those complaint shall be final.  

1. These regulations are binding to all participants of ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon.  
2. The Organiser reserves the right to invite any participant for an interview, to take still or motion pictures of them for advertising and promotional purposes, for internet, radio or TV use, as well as for other commercial needs.    
3. The Organiser reserves the right to use, in the whole world and for free, all or any, still or motion pictures, interviews and audio recordings showing the runners of the Race. They might be used by the Organiser with the aid of CD-ROM or DVD carriers, in catalogues and in media, on internet pages, in newspapers and exhibitions, also for promotional and advertising purposes relating to the Organiser's business activity.  
4. Within the race area it is forbidden to bring or keep any mind altering chemicals, illegal performance enhancing substances or alcohol. The runners must not take any such drugs or substances, either before or during the race, subject to be expelled from it. If a breach of the above mentioned ban is established the Organiser reserves the right to withdraw the runner's authorisation for participance or expell him/her from the race.  
5. Every runner must place their start number in the forefront, on their chests under threat of being disqualified.   
6. The Organiser provides medical healthcare on the course of the race and on the finish line.  
7. The Organiser is not liable for any belongings lost during the event. 
8. After the end of the race a random anti-doping control may be held,  and it is absolutely mandatory for every runner invited by the Anti-doping Commission to be tested.
9. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the event without justification. The Race will be held with no regard for weather conditions. 
10. Matters falling beyond the scope of these regulations will be resolved by the Organiser.